Importance of Wedding Photographer- Debanjan Debnath

Importance of Wedding Photographer

The Wedding MomentThe wedding is about the valuable minute for the couple also for the family and companions of the couple. Each couple needs to make their extraordinary day more unique by including into uncommon things.

With regards to organising your wedding, there are a lot of things to examine. The outline will appear to be countless, and you may not know where to begin, yet when it comes to wedding organising, there are a couple of things that ought to be your priority.

A standout amongst the most important variables of a wedding is the wedding photography. The wedding photography is what is left while everything else has been stuffed up and secured.

 The Wedding Moment

Reasons that why emphasis should be given to the photographer that will make your photo album of the day are for the most part that after the wedding time is over, then the things you are going to have in your hand likely and the primary physical thing would be the wedding album. These photographs will remind you how thankful he is for you when questions hit you years not far off. Save the memory how he looked like at you when you strolled down the path that day; that is genuine love. Recall the giggling and privileged insights that you used to share. Keep in mind the things that you did together. When you both may limit and abbreviate to express the sentiment of affection with each other, and that photograph collection is going to rewind and update your romantic tale. The wedding photographs will demonstrate to you what number of companions you had, who were the people among the relatives and the friends present on your day. It’s not only a couple of photographs of you and your partner on your big day looking lovely and happy, it is about an excellent story of your big day, from dressing and smirking with your bridesmaids to the feeling on your fathers see as he sheds a tear and looks on proudly. Catching the beautiful points of interest on your day twilight and long stretches of arranging, from the excellent blossoms, your dress and venue, catching the feeling of your guests, the anxiety of the groom, entirely through to that first move, this isn’t only any story, this is your story.

 The Wedding Moments

Wedding photography is significant because it will grab your day, it will grasp your memories, it will convey an extraordinary story, it will recount a fascinating story of your unique day, multi-day you will always remember. A story that you can demonstrate loved ones, your children, and grandkids, something you will have and can treasure forever.

Top 5 locations in Kolkata for Pre Wedding Shoot

Top 5 Locations in Kolkata for Pre Wedding Shoot

Life is all about capturing beautiful emotions, memories, and those special moments that make you smile when you look back at them – and a pre-wedding shoot offers just that. At the ending of almost any wedding day, it’s consistently the photographs that provide couples with memories they treasure forever. It’s a thought at which the to-be-married couples get themselves an opportunity to generate some un-replicable precious moments which are beautifully recorded with their own photographer. Just about all brides and their photographers prefer natural outside areas due to their Pre Wedding shoots. A backyard location makes it possible for the couple to be in the front of a camera. Thus, deciding on a suitable location can work amazing things for the take.
Well, we’ve put together a guide that will assist you to pick the ideal location to get a high-value shoot on the own city.

1. Charming Photoshoot at Princep Ghat

Princep ghat

The beauty of these thick columns and the imperial design of Princep Ghat put in a surreal touch with love. Made famous by the Vidya Balan hit Parineeta, the ministry here stands specialized in James Princep. Get lost from each other since you hug tightly towards this particular exact gothic-styled area. An architectural highlight in town, together with the Ganges flowing by this place should produce the surface of your list. From ethnic to blend and western, no appearance won’t mix into this background.

2. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Victoria


Victoria Memorial is a standout amongst the most popular and delightful landmarks made of white marble situated in the core of the City of Joy, Kolkata. The patio nurseries cover a zone of 64 sections of land, with lovely statues of the pioneer rulers. The greenery and open spaces make it a proper place for shooting your romantic moments. The excellent perspective of British design, alongside a blend of European, Persian, and Indian style, make it a hotspot for photography sweethearts. This outdoor shoot will genuinely catch the essence of the city of joy, Kolkata.

3. Captured The Intimate Love at Eco Park


Eco-park at New Town area, surrounded by land and water body using an island at the center, maybe the most recent destination for most photographers from Kolkata. The audience mostly includes laid back people who’ve come to unwind and revel in. As soon as you’re there, you may take all of the time you want to fill out the shoot emptiness of any disturbance and distractions.
Speaking about this place, Eco Park is another favorite place for pre-wedding shoot nowadays. It’s a mix of the water park, body, paths, and boat journey, all that the photographer can request.

4. Nature Defines Their Love at Maidan


The biggest urban stop in Kolkata, Maidan, is a tremendous stretch of field, spotted and lined up with statues, freshness, lavish greenery, tram tracks and pieces of architecture. The enormous Maidan presents a most stimulating appearance to the eye, the real night dew, even in the hot season, keeping the grass green. It additionally houses Fort Williams, Victoria Memorial, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Birla Planetarium. The huge territory, which now and again is extremely occupied, disorganized and swarmed, influences a couple to shoot emerge from the rest, influencing it to look one of a kind.

5. Precious Pre-Wedding Moment at Red Road

Red Road

Red Road, is a street in Kolkata that keeps running from Raj Bhavan to Fort William. The British specialists proposed for the street to have the capacity to have huge processions. The name ‘Red Road’ was offered because of its surfacing. The ideal time for a shoot should be early morning. If the shoot is in winters, the atmosphere makes the surrounding look even more beautiful. This outdoor shoot will truly capture the essence of the city of joy, Kolkata.

Dear couples, who are planning to get hitched soon in Kolkata, make your pre-wedding shoot look stunning and wonderful by catching your exceptional moments in these spots specified above, making it a memory to be loved for a lifetime.

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why you need a professional wedding photographer- Debanjan Debnath

Why You Need A Professional Wedding Photographer

Wedding!!! The word itself excites everyone. Besides excitement, it is one of the most important events in one’s life. Filled with joy, happiness, excitement, a lot of planning and responsibilities. When it comes to event photography we want to make them memorable forever so we can go back in time and live the moments again just by watching the pictures. When it comes to wedding photography, we just can’t take the risk or be irresponsible about it. Wedding photography is something where you don’t want a messed up result to be it yours or your relative’s wedding. So let your family actually enjoy the wedding and release them from the burden of carrying a camera, sitting in a corner aiming at everyone like a sniper. The smartest thing to do? Hire a professional wedding photographer. Trust me you won’t regret this decision and here I’ll tell you why.


  1. A wedding photographer will be committed: First thing you expect from a pro is commitment and dedication. A wedding photographer will show up on time and will be committed to YOU and your special day. Every small moment is important in Wedding photography and you don’t want to wait for your uncle to show up with his camera 1 hour late. This is why you should hire a professional. A professional is punctual and obliged to do his job perfectly.
  2. Professionals have experience: You don’t want everyone around you just standing and not knowing what to do next or while your brother takes a picture your maternal uncle photobombs the moment. This is why you need a professional to do your wedding photography. Wedding photography is no joke, especially handling the crowd and keeping everyone happy and the requests of random Facebook DP clicks. A professional is habituated of the stress level so the stress won’t make them bend and moreover they have their way of doing things smoothly. From a bridal shoot to group photographs or faking a candid to capturing real moments. They will do it at all.
  3. Back up plans: What if your photographer friend falls ill, what if their laptop hard drive gets fried. No worries. A professional will always have contacts to call up and backups of their backups. This is why you want to hire a professional for wedding photography. They just won’t let things be messed up. No matter what happens they will deliver what they promised. So you can enjoy your special day while they deal with the worrying part.
  4. Only one chance: This is your wedding day. And hopefully, you will only have one of these special days. After the event is over, days are gone, months are spend all you will have is your pictures and memories. So make sure you have trust and confidence in your photographer. Wedding photography is a one shot go and there is no re-doing or re-arranging the event or the day. You need to be cheerful and stress-free while also making sure wedding photography is going well and there is the only way to do both is by hiring a wedding photographer. Let them worry about your day.
  5. Feeling at ease: Wedding photography includes a different kind of photography. Some group photos, some candids, and some action-packed pictures taken randomly that actually describes a lot. A wedding photographer can make you feel at ease while taking a group picture and not stiff. They can make a group really comfortable. They can capture the funny or action-packed moments that even you might miss throughout the event. A wedding photographer knows how and when to take the shot.

If you reduce the budget somewhere else nobody would know, cut a few corners and nobody would remember after a week but your wedding photography will be something that will stay with you forever as a memory. Something you will show to your relatives, kids, grandchild and cherish the memories. So take the right choice and making those memories memorable and crystal clear. Hire a wedding photographer and make your special day live through the pictures they would take.